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Arrivals Anchor


How do I book a Meet & Greet service?

There are 3 choices. You can call us, email us or complete the online booking form. 

Where do I meet you on arrival?

Our agent awaits in the airbridge or the arrival area as guests step out of the aircraft. Our agent has a sign with the guest's name. It's important that guests share their number during the booking. 

How quickly can I exit the Airport?

Subject to where you just arrived from the process can take as little as 25 min to 1 hour or more. We assist with the expedition of the arrival formalities, assist with locating and transportation of guests baggage.

Can you offload our bags first?

Unfortunately, the airline guests fly, and the ground handling company the airline use at the airport determines how quickly guests checked-in baggage arrives. If guests are travelling business class its normal to have baggage first. 

Where does my landside transport collect me?

We ask guests during the booking process to inform us about transport plans. We call in advance, coordinate and ensure a smooth handover (without delay)  If guests or the person booking the service fail to advise us of this information then it could create a delay in exiting the Airport. We will advise the driver, or you via booking which terminal/location they should wait.

What happens if my bags are missing?

ASE understands missing baggage and the inconveniences it brings. The airline is responsible for your baggage, and claims, however, our team has experience and can facilitate a more structured approach to finding your bags via our contacts and the world tracer baggage system.

What happens if I have lots of baggage?

If you have more than 1-2 pcs of baggage each, guests must inform us during the booking process. We will do our best to assist, but, in some cases, we must call the porter service and that may cost extra. We will advise during booking. If you do not declare you have lots of bags and just show up, please expect a delay while we source help.

What time do I need to be at the airport?
It depends on the destination, the airline, how many passengers or bags, and of course the season of travel. We recommend minimum 1hr 15min for most European flights and 3hr for other trips.  During guests stay at the airport, our team will ensure they are well cared for.

Where do I meet you?

Each airport has multiple terminals. We do not have specific check-in desks or public accessible offices. When guests request our service we reply back with more specific booking instructions in relation to the terminal being used. We always aim to meet guests as they step out of their transport.

What happens if I can’t find you?
If something has gone wrong, please call us immediately on the numbers at the bottom of this page. Our agent will assist in all situations.

My flight is cancelled, can you help?
ASE Assistance is not an Airline, and therefore to re-book passengers, we (ASE Agent/Passenger) must proceed through the usual formalities. In most cases, the team at ASE can expedite the process, offer advice, solve problems. 

Can you check me in before I get to the airport?
Subject to the airline and the class of guests travel our team can assist with pre-check in. We require to have the correct booking reservation code which must be sent to us in advance.  International departures such as USA/Canada require the physical passenger to present him/herself at the check-in for passport/visa verification by the Airlines security team. We cannot bypass this, but we can assist the process, so it goes quickly. 

Can I send my bags ahead of time?
No, the civil aviation authority requires us to be present when bag dropping passenger baggage. ASE will assist you at curbside to check in.

How long does security take?
Subject to the class of travel there may be different options for us to proceed through security to various locations within the terminals. Our agent will already know from the guests booking which security process we will follow.  Average security time for our passengers is less than 10min.

Can I use a lounge?
There are multiple lounges to choose from at both Copenhagen & Stockholm Airports. Once we receive guests ticketing/class of travel information, we are able to determine the best lounge and its access.  When passengers fly economy lounge access is possible, but it can cost an additional 25 EURO per passenger. Our booking agent will advise all options during the initial booking email reply.

I am disabled, can I use your service?
Absolutely, we can facilitate all passengers at the airport. We work in coordination with the Airports official mobility teams. In most cases, an electrical cart is provided. We will coordinate and ensure that all guests who have a disability are looked after in the very best way possible.

Can you speak different languages?
Yes, our primary language is English in both Airports; however, we can speak Danish, Swedish as a 2nd language. Many of our staff are bi-lingual and can speak French, German, Swiss German, Latvian, Russian.  If guests wish for an agent that speaks one these languages please indicate on the booking, or booking reply email.

Can you look after unaccompanied children?
No, our service is only available to passengers over the age of 16 years old

Can you board the aircraft first?
In most cases, we try to board our guests last so to limit the time waiting at the gate areas. Our ASE agent is well aware of our surroundings, boarding and gate closure schedules. If you wish to board the aircraft first that may be possible, inform the ASE agent.





I wish to cancel my booking last minute
If you wish to cancel the booking, you must write an email, or call immediately either Copenhagen or Stockholm. During the booking reply process, we include terms and conditions which specify the procedure for cancellations and refunds.

I wish to cancel my booking days ahead
In most cases, we will not charge for a booking that is cancelled days in advance, but you must write an email, or call immediately either Copenhagen or Stockholm

I wish to change my booking to a new flight
If you have adjusted your flight booking details please let our team know asap via email. If you do not inform us then the booking will be charged at full price

I wish to add or remove other passengers to my booking
If you wish to add further passengers, you must email/call in advance. ASE Assistance cannot offer our service to clients who simply turn up without any pre-alert information. We will reject the additional passengers if you do not inform us.   To notify us, please do so via email/phone and indicate the new names. All guests must be on the same flight, 0-4 passengers are included in the original booking price, 05-09 costs a further 200-300 euro more. Our agent will inform you during the booking process/reply.

How do you respond to my booking?

We respond quickly and send back a detailed briefing via email. Our briefing includes information which is important to your booking, coordinate and payment. 


What are the costs?

We charge 325 EURO for 01-04 pax. This includes coordination, meeting & greeting and assistance with all the formalities. We also assist with your baggage (1-2pc per passenger)

We charge 625 EURO for 05-09 pax

There is an additional charge of 200 EURO for operations between 11PM-07AM

Accepted Payments

 We accept all major credit cards. We never ask you to send credit card payment via our website.  Our team will contact you with instructions on how to pay in the booking reply email.  We also offer the option for businesses to pay via bank transfer. One of our team will advise you of the possibilities.

What do we need from our guests

During the booking process on the web, we ask for only basic details. We contact the booker or guest via email straight away with a request for further information. This information may contain questions such as

  • Departure Flight Details – Date + Time + Flight Number

  • Departure Details -  PNR or E-Ticket Number & Econ or Business Info

  • Departure Pax Flight Details -  Passenger Names

  • Departure Pax Contact Detail – Mobile Phone Number

  • Transport Info for your journey to the Airport – Transport contact number/details

  • Baggage Info – Estimation Of How Many Bags



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